Seven Sins Inferno
  • Seven Sins Inferno
Seven Sins Inferno


One lone soul must break through the seven realms of sins to obtain freedom, and he needs your help. Spiro, a wandering soul was the lucky one chosen to break out! Use your angelic touch to guide Spiro against ghoulish foes and fiendish obstacles on his daunting quest.

Help Spiro break through the seven realms of sins, each realm has its own share of entities that are bent on blocking Spiro's freedom, some will freeze you, others will chain you with metal balls, they would even push you so fast to the edge of your screen!

Witness souls poisoned with each deadly sin as they fall down to the depths of the abyss! Avoid them unless you want to bear the weight of their despair!

Experience the struggle of being barraged by countless hails and lava stones! As you progress, realms becomes longer and you must help Spiro surpass countless hellish entities, survive treacherous traps and chambers, and avoid floating terrains! Treasure awaits as you go up these dark caverns, and collect coins as much as you can!

Beware! There is one entity that will try to catch Spiro, and reach you… - yes you! It will even scare the lights out you!  At the end of each realm, you must defeat the abominations of these sins to set Spiro to break free!

Can you hold on for so long?  Can you help him succeed?  Will it be you who will break Spiro out from the bounds of hell!?